Worship in the Dark

     It has been a difficult year, and a difficult week. These are sad and dark times we are living in. And yet, as the church, we always have a reason to sing to God.

     Because of this, we have decided to have “Worship in the Dark” this Sunday (8/29/2020) at 10:30 a.m. This phrase works on two levels. First, because of the effects of Hurricane Laura, we actually don’t have power (which means no A/C, no sound system, no lights, no Facebook Live Stream, no childcare, and no fresh coffee). Our service will be immensely scaled back; worship will be acoustic, and the Scripture reading, devotional, and prayer will all be spoken without the assistance of microphones. In short, we’ll be experiencing service the way many of our brothers and sisters around the world experience it every week and how the church has historically done it! The phrase also works because we will be calling ourselves to remember that we can worship even–maybe especially–in the darkest times because our God has delivered out of the kingdom of darkness and placed us in the kingdom of His beloved Son!

     We hope to see you here at 10:30 a.m. for this shortened service! Everyone is welcome.