Our staff is indispensable to fulfilling our mission. Some of our elders are on staff (they are called “pastors” on this page). These individuals take on responsibility for meeting particular needs in the body (much like deacons), which allows our elders/pastors to pursue the ministry of the Word and prayer (Acts 6:2, 4). 

Pastor of Teaching and Vision

Zach Mullis | zach@wardvillecc.com

Zach serves as the Pastor of Teaching and Vision. He preaches most Sundays, seeks to raise up faithful men to preach in our church, oversees the Bible teaching ministries of our church, and is responsible for communicating our vision to our body.

Favorite OT Verse: Proverbs 27:19


Favorite NT Verse: Romans 6:9


Interests: Reading history, coffee, fountain pens, running, music, golf, gardening, and cooking/eating delicious food

Worship Pastor

Kevin Williams 

Kevin oversees the music and liturgical practice of our church. He crafts worship services in such a way that the body remembers the gospel together and devotes itself to the public reading of Scripture.


Favorite OT Verse(s): Psalm 40:1-3


Favorite NT Verse:


Interests: Reading, music, movies, and spending time with family

Children’s Minister

Catherine Christian 

Catherine blesses our church with her love of children, ability to equip parents, knowledge of the Scriptures, and passion to disciple families. She leads a team of curriculum developers and creates the curriculum for our children’s ministries (ages 0-5th grade). She and her husband Dean also play a critical role in the outreach ministries of our church.


Favorite OT Verse(s): 


Favorite NT Verse: 



LifeGroups Minister

Joel Jordan | joelfamheritage@gmail.com

Joel serves Wardville Community Church as the LifeGroups Minister. He communicates with and assists our leaders, gives quality control to this ministry, and implements vision for LifeGroups.


Favorite OT Verse(s): 


Favorite NT Verse: 



Financial Administrator

Joy Massey | joy@wardvillecc.com

Joy serves our church by doing all things financial. She keeps our books, updates our congregation on the state of our finances, makes deposits, and does various other things to help our church run smoothly.


Favorite OT Verse: Deuteronomy 9:5


Favorite NT Verse(s): 1 John 4:7-21


Interests: Spending time with friends and family, travel, words, and coffee

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