1 Samuel 24:1-22

“Leaving it in God’s Hands”

     As I think about how David waited on Yahweh and refused to take matters into his own hands, I believe this excerpt from Tozer is helpful. It speaks of the necessity of having our wills conform to God’s will. Obedience may call us to do something, but it may also call us to refrain from doing something (restrain ourselves or exercise self-control). There is a difference between the “obedience of faith” and mere external obedience, and it has to do with what is producing that obedience. The Holy Spirit produces the obedience of faith, and it always accompanies true belief; That’s what Tozer is getting at below. The excerpt is a from a devotional book called Mornings with Tozer: Daily Devotional Readings:


His servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness.

Romans 6:16


     The Christian doctrine of obedience to God and to His will is now largely neglected in modern religious circles, and many in our own congregations seem to feel that our obligation to obey has been discharged by the act of believing on Jesus Christ at the beginning of our Christian lives.

     We need to remember that “the will is the seat of true religion in the soul.” Nothing genuine has been done in a man or woman’s life until his or her will has been surrendered in active obedience. It was disobedience that brought about the ruin of the race. It is obedience of faith that brings us back again into the divine favor!

     It needs to be said that a world of confusion results from trying to believe without obeying!

     A mere passive surrender may be no surrender at all. A real submission to the will of God must include willingness to take orders from Him from that time on.

     I keep wondering when the Lord’s ministers will again give to obedience the place of prominence it occupies in the Scriptures.

Lord I pray that our churches will be moved to call their people to an intentional, active obedience of faith and that individuals, prompted by Your Spirit, will respond with great humility.

Amen! I hope to see y’all Sunday!