1 Samuel 28:3-25 — “Dead Prophets Society”

     In advance of this challenging study on 1 Samuel 28, I want to throw two, different resources your way for this Meditation for Preparation.

     First, I will share this article from the Christian Post that suggests that the Wicca religion (literal witches) is growing and will soon outnumber the PCUSA (the more liberal one) in terms of adherents, if it has not already done so. I share this because of its relation to 1 Samuel 28 but also because this is a matter that demands prayer. It also demonstrates that there is no spiritual vacuum in which people can exist. To reject the true God is not to worship no god but to trade Him for something else (Rom. 1:22-23). As those made in God’s image, we are inherently worshipers–we will worship something. There is no option of non-worship. People will either worship God or something that is not God. And sadly, these folks are delving deep into the worship of the evil one and his angels. So please pray that God will turn them from delusions to true worship!

Christian Post: Witches Outnumber Presbyterian 

     Next, since this text of Scripture is such a difficult one, I’m going to embed this “Ask Pastor John” video to begin dealing with some preliminary questions that you will doubtless have upon the first reading, like I did the first time I ever read this text.



 And while you’re praying, please pray for me as I continue preparing to preach this sermon! See y’all Sunday!