2 Timothy 2:14-21 — “An Approved Worker, Part 1”

Please consider reading the following article as a means of preparing your heart for this Sunday. It is a wonderful article about escaping from pride, especially as it relates to thinking more highly of ourselves than we ought to think. We would do well to pray through this and walk in it, since all that happens in the church is unequivocally not about us. It is about the Lord accomplishing His will in the midst of His people through His Word. He is to receive all the glory, and we must rightly assess ourselves in light of His infinity and eternity! The article also speaks to a topic that the Spirit has been bringing to the forefront of our minds over and over in recent days: prayer. Here’s a wonderful question that the author poses:


“If God answered all your prayers, would anyone’s life but yours be any different?”


Who we pray for, and what we labor over in prayer are indicative of what we believe both about ourselves and prayer. Link: Lord, Free Me From Pride: Three Ways to Escape Self-Importance 


After reading, please also spend some time asking God to prepare your heart for Sunday morning, especially for the Lord’s Supper.