We are putting together a team to go to a town four hours outside of HueHue, Guatemala to support a local Bible School there.

They have expressed interest in both building projects around the school and Bible lessons (they serve from elementary-aged kids up through adult-aged students). There is also a potential for a Pastors’ Conference for local area pastors as well as some opportunities to preach in local churches there in the town. 

Spanish language is not a requirement to go on this trip.

The potential dates are:

  • June 15-22
  • July 13-20
  • July 20-27

The maximum cost will be $1500 with a likely cost of around $1000, depending on airfare and lodging expenses. There are potentially some scholarships available from the church.

We need a list of people who are interested in going on this trip within the next couple of weeks. If you are interested or want more information, please contact Gina Arnold, Bethany Branim, or Zach Mullis.